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Siân Darling is a filmmaker, curator, artist manager and development advisor driven by a partnership between art and activism.


Raised by her refugee mother and grandmother, the shadows of the Jewish Holocaust were never far from home. Her grandmother, a survivor, never spoke of the atrocities she'd endured. Despite this silence, the inherited stories were loud, birthing a world of mysterious sadness and complex curiosity. It is this driving force, to illuminate a path of understanding, that led Siân to found the Museum of Inherited Memories as a space to witness and connect the past and the present in order to cultivate perspective, healing, empathy and prevent future devastation.

An artist manager with One Louder Entertainment, representing esteemed Australian songwriters Uncle Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly, as well as Jess Hitchcock, Siân is devoted to nurturing and profiling Australian arts and artists. This is also seen in her ongoing contributions to the publication, Art Guide Australia. In 2020, she produced the charting Kev Carmody tribute album, Cannot Buy My Soul (2020 Edition), released by EMI. The album features 42 songs of Aboriginal truth-telling sung by some of Australia's greatest musicians. Her commitment to social justice saw her career bloom as the General Manager of Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and co-Chair of Right Now Inc. Her commitment to justice and her passion for the natural world - its celebration and protection - have earned Siân the position of  Ambassador for Groundswell Giving


"Activism can be instigated by a sense of outrage and a pursuit for justice. But it's empathy, I believe, that's required to energise and sustain such demanding work. What better way to inspire empathy than through storytelling? What easier way to explore painful subjects than from the cradle of creativity?"

(Darling, Uprising , 2021).



Charlotte's work lies at the intersection of design and social justice; She is an architect and a social innovation fellow with RMIT University.


With the Museum of Inherited Memories she curates creative events and exhibitions that provoke Melbourne third generation Jewry to explore their own identity as third generation descendants, as she continues to contemplate what this means for herself.

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