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The Collection

Ich Piersi, Moje Piersi (Their Breasts, My Breasts)

CW: sexual violence - Ich Piersi, Moje Piersi (Their Breasts, My Breasts) explores the sexual trauma inflicted upon women during the Holocaust. My work, usually brightly coloured, participatory and bouncing, here takes a form in a silent, lamenting and weeping disposition. It investigates my continuous torment into what it means to be a Jewish Australian Polish Female Artist, and how my Jewish female body mourns the experiences of my ancestors.
Exhibition by Stephania Leigh @stephania_windholz_leigh Commissioned for FestivALT, Kraków, Poland 2019.
Featuring Zoltan Fecso, sound artist
Film by : Tobias Willis (KEWL Studios)
Colourist : Jake Harris
Music : Zoltan Fecso
FestivALT directors : Magda Rubenfield, Michael Rubenfield, Adam Schorin, Natalie Czarkowska, Jason Francisco
Art technician : Miko Szatko
Translated by : Krysia Winecki, Babi

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