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'Through Your Blood Shall You Live' 

Through Your Blood Shall You Live - Deborah Conway, Willy Zygier, Syd Zygier, Alma Zygier, Hettie Zygier

Watch Deborah and Willy perform the deeply personal and poignant 'Through Your Blood Shall You Live' with their daughters in their lounge room. The song tells the true story of Willy's father and mother falling in love in 1944, Budapest.

Deborah says: "This song is about Willy’s parents meeting during the war. A story Tadjik (my father in law) used to tell a lot. Playing with our daughters is fantastic wherever and whenever it happens but there is something especially poignant about playing - “When your grandfather asked your grandmother...” and here they are - living proof that Hitler failed!" This video was recorded in the Conway Zygier home for Yom Hashoah 2020.

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