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UPRISING - SONGS OF SURVIVAL is a revolutionary & uplifting concert to mark Yom Hashoah (Holocaust & Heroism Remembrance Day), showing that survival comes in many forms. 

Inspired by Holocaust memorial & Indigenous justice, this concert honours all for whom we mourn, and respectfully celebrates the survival of our peoples and culture. 

UPRISING - SONGS OF SURVIVAL brings together Australian Jewish, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to sing in solidarity, celebrate survival and honour our histories and healing


Surviving is not only about living, it is also about thriving in a world that continues to persecute the other. Thriving in this world is an act of resistance, an act of triumph over evil, an act of love over hate.


Uniting in solidarity is our act of thriving.

UPRISING boasts a stellar line-up of performers; Archie Roach, Paul Kelly, Deborah Conway w/ Willy & Hettie Zygier, Jess Hitchcock, Djirri Djirri, Madi Colvillle-Walker, Gabriella Cohen, Nadav Kahn, Galit Klas, Jessica Chapnik Kahn, Syd Zygier, Leonie Drummond, Emily Lubitz & Al Burkoy.

Before we begin our 24 hours of mourning and memorial for Yom Hashoah, we are reminded that as survivors, we flourish and hold our heads high.


The Indigenous Peoples of this continent known as ‘Australia’ are vital survivors of genocide and ongoing oppression. The land was never ceded and we must remember the truthful saying, 'always was, always will be, Aboriginal land'. 


The continent offered a safe harbour to displaced Jewish refugees after they survived genocide in the diaspora. 


Together, we sing to celebrate survival and remember the promise, ‘never again’.


Join us for an evening of triumphant talent to celebrate survival through song and story.

The concert takes place on the lands of the Yalukit-Willam Clan on Boon Wurrung Country.

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